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Andre Hartford Style Shock Absorbers - Standard & Duplex

Andre Hartford Style Shock Absorbers
Andre Hartford Style Shock Absorbers

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These shock absorbers have been made for Vintage MG Parts and are manufactured to a similar style and specification for MMM MGs built between 1932 and 1934 inclusive.

We supply both the 506s style (single plate) and 506m Duplex style (multiplate). The 506s style is the more commonly used model for standard J, P and L types. Late P types had Luvax shock absorbers fitted at the rear. The 506 reference was originally known as 502.

Vintage MG Parts have specially had made 650 correct specification Silentbloc style vulcanized bushes for this project and we are in a position to sell bush sets separately at circa 50% of the normal retailing price elsewhere, i.e. our price is 6.00 per bush. Our bushes are not to be confused with an alternative MMM supplier of Andre Hartford style shock absorbers where they have chosen on occasion through website advertising to state that they are using neither vulcanized nor bonded bushes
. Our bushes are made by a specialist overseas company who supply leading car manufacturers to include BMW and Audi and our bushes are well researched for this application.

A Word on our "Silentbloc" Style Bushes
- The term vulcanization is routinely misused in the context of bushings. Vulcanization is not a process for bonding but a catalyst process used in the manufacture of rubber suspension bushing and other similar applications. Vulcanization was discovered in 1839 by Charles Goodyear and involves the heating of rubber mixed with sulphur creating enhanced bridging qualities in the molecular structure producing both increased strength and elasticity.

The Silentbloc Bush (sometimes referred to as "flanbloc") was developed with vulcanized rubber compound during the 1930s onwards by Silentbloc Ltd and revolutionised the automotive suspension industry. Silentbloc is a British company although now with a registered French patent and owned by Tenneco who still today specialise in vulcanized suspension bushing. Silentbloc developed the process of bonding its bushes during this period and set the foundation for all quality global automotive suspension bushes.

Vintage MG Parts commissioned their batch of Silentbloc style bushes from a leading overseas suspension bush manufacturer to the global car industry. We confirm that our bushes are both vulcanized and bonded. Bushes do not have to be bonded as the appropriate alternative is for the inner face of the outer steel case to be ribbed with at least one anchor point although it is acknowledged that bonded bushes have a superior edge in terms of safety and reliability, universal application and ease of manufacturing. The only deviation VMGP have to the 1930s manufacturing standards is that our bushes contain Silica Black, which is an additive to prolong the life of the bush, having a defence against UV attack.

For original early style Andre Hartford shock absorbers as fitted to the F, J, L and early P types, the original bush had no outer case, relying on the mating faces of the riveted arms to provide a natural anchoring point for the rubber insert. Our early rolled edge style shock absorbers utilise the Silentbloc style steel outer case bush with the new arm housings having a 2 tho lead-in taper from the rivet head side reducing to a zero tolerance fit. Our bushes also fit original Andre Hartford shock absorbers.

The MMM enthusiast now has a clear choice for MMM supplied bushes.

-------506s (standard)--------------------------506m (Duplex Multidisk)
fronts at top of picture, rears at bottom

(click on image to enlarge, click again to close)


506s (standard)

- front




- rear




506m (Duplex)

- front




- rear




Silentbloc Bushes




Bush Size: 7/8 inch OD, 9/16th inch ID, outer case length 1 1/2 inch, inner case bore length 1 5/8 inch)

Prices for shock absorbers above are inclusive of bushes and please note that these are our highly safety conscious bushes which are manufactured exclusively for VMGP.

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