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Lucas L140 Style Headlamps

Lucas L140 Style Headlamps

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Lucas L140 headlamps (8 inch diameter) were fitted to many British cars of the 1930's to the late 1940's and were introduced to MG part way through the J Type period of production when Rotax merged with Lucas. They were then fitted to many MMM models as well as on the early T Types. The quality of this reproduction lamp is superb, using highly skilled traditional British craftsmanship and are supplied complete to incorporate either frosted flat lenses for J Types, or the original U flute convex lens as fitted to P Types and later models.

These headlamps can also be supplied with stone guards which are again, of excellent craftsmanship to incorporate a rather attractive period hinge arrangement on the top of the rim.

Price 690 pair (please specify lens type when ordering)

The table below offers a guide as to which headlamps were fitted to which models.


Rotax K701 - 7 inch or Lucas R47B



D, J, F, L (early)

Rotax K624 or K624/2 - 8 inch or Lucas L140 - 8 inch [Flat lens]

L (late)

L150 - 9 inch U flute lens


Lucas L140 - 8 inch (some)


LBD 150 U flute lens - 9 inch


LBD 140 or Lucas L140 U Flute lens - 8 inch


LBD 166S


LBD 150S




LBD 140 U flute - 8 inch lens TB and TC to 1947. LBD or MBD 140 - 8 inch Catseye Late TC. Lucas S700 - 7 inch TD and TC (USA export).

The above table is offered as a guide only and has been collated using information kindly supplied by fellow enthusiasts. Please feel free to email us if there is any missing or incorrect information.

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