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Ki-gass Atomiser Jets for Supercharging

Ki-gass Atomiser Jets for Supercharging
Ki-gass Atomiser Jets for Supercharging

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We have designed our own Ki-gass jet heads and also sourced appropriate brass 1/8th BSP 90 degree and T-piece fittings. We can supply a complete dual jet assembly including copper washers, or individual components. We can also supply 1/8 inch OD copper tubing to your desired length.

We also manufacture J and P Type Jackson design cylinder head inlet manifolds and blow-off valves.

Price--72.00--Ki-gass jets & fittings (incl. T-piece, elbow, nuts, solder type nipples &
Price--68.00--Ki-gass jets & fittings (washers)
Price--32.00--Ki-gass jet each
Price--39.00--Ki-gass jet & elbow (incl. nut, solder type nipple & washer)
Price--41.00--Ki-gass jet & T-piece (incl. nuts, solder type nipples & washers)
Price--13.00--Ki-gass elbow (incl. nut & solder type nipple)
Price--15.00--Ki-gass T-piece (incl. nuts & solder type nipples)
Price--_0.25--Ki-gass copper washer
Price--_3.40--Ki-gass 1/8 inch OD copper tubing (per metre)

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