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Back Axle Cover Pressure Plate - J, F, P, L

Back Axle Cover Pressure Plate - J, F, P, L

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This is a simple non-standard part which has been designed to prevent annoying oil leaks created when the flange to the cover plate can distort through marginal over-tightening. It is a steel ring which seats neatly into the flange recess and applies equal pressure around the axle banjo.

This component is shown with grey primer finish simply to highlight the part.

It can also be used in conjunction with the installation of a back axle strengthening kit. This comprises drilling out the threaded 5/16th BSF holes in the banjo, inserting spacer tubes around the banjo internal circumference and passing high-tension bolts through the axle and diff carrier. If there is demand then we will supply the full kit.

_20 each

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