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MMM Double Buckle Leather Bonnet Strap

MMM Bonnet Straps

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We have studied an original MMM double buckle bonnet strap and have incorporated our own improvements to produce a first-class period style bonnet strap for MMM cars. These are made locally by a family friend who is a highly skilled leather craftsman and we can offer standard bonnet straps in brown or black.

The difference with our bonnet straps are that these are double stitched which means that each stitch is independent to the next and will not unravel, unlike machined single stitched straps. Other features include the 3 strap sections, tongues and leather loops all being border scored and all edges have been shellac coated and bone polished. Lastly, we have incorporated tapered ends to the strap anchoring points whereby the chrome plated staples are stitched into the belt ends.

The belts are supplied with chrome plated metalwork to include Footman loops and the operating lengths and more detailed specification is as follows:

Thickness of leather: 1/8 inch
Width of strap: 1 1/2 inch
Distance between buckle rollers: 19 inches
Overall operating range (from Footman loop to Footman loop): 68 inches to 82 1/2 inches
The middle range adjustment length: 75 inches

Price 95 each, standard black or brown (please state colour)

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