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Brown Octagonal Control Knobs, Rods and Grommets - PA, PB, N

P/N Brown Octagonal Control Running Knobs

(click on image to enlarge, click again to close)

Vintage MG Parts are able to offer perfect reproduction P/N Type brown mixture control and slow running knobs which are sold as a pair. Complete with brass threaded insert.

The original factory gear lever knobs were produced in a marginally different material to the original control knobs (see photo above of original knobs) and therefore, ended up having a colour mismatch. We have uniformed the colour so that these knobs match our brown octagonal gear knob.

We have chosen to produce the rods in highly polished imperial size stainless steel.

(click on image to enlarge, click again to close)

We also stock the knurled chrome knobs and rods for F, J and L Types.

Price £POA per set knobs & rods (including springs and washers etc)
Price £46 pair knobs only
Price £20 pair rods only (including springs and washers etc)
Price £_3 pair grommets

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