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Flywheel Housing/Engine Block Torque Brackets - C, J4

J Type Engine Block/Flywheel Housing Torsion Brackets

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We periodically manufacture a small batch of engine torsion brackets. Similar brackets were fitted by the factory works racing department to certain J4 and C Types.

These have been laser cut with an internal octagonal cut-out profile to be used with our popular expanded water jacket plates which fit the M, C, J and D Type. The C bracket is laser cut in stainless steel and the L anchor bracket is in polished mild steel, and is to be kept oiled. Please note that we have not drilled the bolt hole on the C bracket at the point where it secures to the L anchor bracket, as there are at least 3 variations in the flywheel housings profile.

We can also supply a spacer plate to fit in the recess of the pressed steel type water jackets for those enthusiasts wishing to retain standard profile engine plates.

We also supply the expanded water jacket plates, sump mounted dipstick and holder, correct profile stainless steel water jacket plates with screw and washer sets, gaskets, as well as the J4, K Type oil filter shown in the right hand image below.

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- 48 per engine set (excluding bolts)

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