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Firewall Grommets

Firewall Grommets

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This part up until now has simply not been available since the 1930s and has proved rather elusive to source for many years but at last it is now back. A customer has now discovered an overseas source and kindly brought these to our attention for us to import and stock for the MMM community. These rubber grommets are perfect for our MMM cars, coming in the correct sizes, having the correct 1930's profile and also incorporating the external recess of 3/8 the inch between the lips for the thickness of the firewall. These gromets are not available elsewhere.

We can supply in the required MMM sizes:

  • Large - 1 1/4 inch OD hole in firewall with 1 inch ID (used for the wiring harness)
  • Medium - 31/32 inch OD with 11/16 inch ID (used for rev counter drive holes)
  • Small - 5/8 inch OD with 7/16 inch ID (used for oil capillary and water temp holes)

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For those who have cars which are fully wired up and have no grommets in place, then these can be cut with a sharp knife and inserted with the join being unnoticeable.

Price 2.75 each--Large & medium sizes
Price 2.00 each--Small size

Please specify sizes required when ordering

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