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Octagonal Side Lamp Bodies - K Type

Octagonal Side Lamp Bodies  K Type
Octagonal Side Lamp Bodies  K Type

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We always carry K Type octagonal sidelamps in stock. These are different from the standard P/N type octagonal lamps as they incorporate a 'red dot' tell tale lens at the rear of the body instead of the eight octagon lines converging to a sharp point.

The original side lamp bodies were cast in marzak which deteriorates with age and causes the chrome to bubble. These new lamps are cast in alloy bronze and are supplied with a quality chrome finish and to an indistinguishable works design.

Why choose Vintage MG Parts supplied lamps ...

We have carefully researched the negative points relating to all previous attempts over the years to reproduce this lamp and we have taken this project back to the drawing board. This includes reducing the octagonal outer diameter to the original size, i.e. the diameter of the lens rim, rounding off of the octagonal rim corners to the original profile and reducing the thickness of the red lens housing. We are proud to have reset this new standard for all future reproductions of this part available here and elsewhere.

Shown below is an original K3 side lamp incorporating the red tell tale lamp within the housing on the rear point and this lamp is being used to provide an accurate reproduction body in terms of setting the new standard specification.

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The image on the right highlights that these lamp bodies will accept the modern indicator conversions. This image shows the dual bulb unit (on the left) with the double filament single bulb unit on the right. The latter unit just goes in with a squeeze!

We also supply P/N Type octagonal side lamps, as well as side lamp internals and a replacement rim and lens with or without seal and which fit both the octagonal styles of side lamp as well as the Lucas 1130 body.

-210 per pair (to include the red tell tale lamp on the rear point) - K Type

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