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Oil Drain Gallery & Oil Seal Housing With Seal - P, L, K, N

Oil Drain Gallery - P, L, K, N
Oil Drain Gallery Oil Seal Housing With Seal - All MMM Models

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The VMGP oil drain housing is correct in all fine detail to include incorporation of the MG part number 'MG 348 - 121' and an excellent clean finish to the casting. These are new patterns which are identical to the factory part and incorporate a 'top hat' nitrile seal insert housing. The oil drain gallery housing is suitable for P, L, N and K Types

The photograph above shows one of our galleries with standard specification machining. The original housing relied on a close tolerance fit between the oil scroll dynamo drive fork and the housing although this was never an ideal arrangement and was prone to allowing oil seepage onto the dynamo housing. This casting can be supplied in standard factory form or alternatively, we can incorporate a machined recess to fit a secondary lip seal which we can also supply. This product is not offered elsewhere.

The oil seal insert housings are precision CNC machined and are supplied complete with seals. These are suitable for all MMM models. The dowel locator position on the outer circumference has been deliberately omitted leaving the enthusiast to file to the correct dowel locator position so the oil groove can line up.

These parts complement the vertical drive pinions and camshaft gears that are also in stock.

Price 150.00 each---Oil drain gallery with machined recess for secondary (lower) oil
-----------------------------seal (secondary lower seal included)
Price _29.00 each---Top-hat oil seal housing insert with seal
Price __5.25 each---Insert housing seal only
Price __5.00 each---Lower secondary seal only

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