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Seat Slider Adjusters - MMM & T Type

Seat Slider Adjusters - MMM & T Type

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These seat slider adjusters are for those enthusiasts not wishing to use the early wooden 'slat and rack' adjusters.

The dimensions of these seat runners are as follows:

  • External width of the rails - 11 5/8 inch
  • Hinges are slightly wider at the front with the external width - 12 3/8 inch*
  • Height - 1 1/8 inch
  • Rail lengths - 21 inch
  • Front to backward movement - 13 inches in total, i.e. 6 1/2 inches either way

* The hinges are deliberately made wider than the originals as the factory type lacked strength and were prone to twisting.

T Type (not shown) but also available. The difference being that the adjuster handle on the T type comprises a chromed brass cast handle.

Price 216 pair

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