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Water Pumps - P & N, K & L

Water Pumps - P & N, K & L
Water Pumps - P & N, K & L

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In preparation for making this part we carefully studied the factory original, looked at more recent reproductions and developed these all further to produce our own specification 'VMGP' pump. We have however, retained the appearance of an original pump although our main intention had been to produce a highly efficient, high output pump as used on the NE and K3 Type models. These improvements are incorporated into all of our pumps and we see no benefit in offering the simple three bladed flat paddle impellor type.

The main benefits of our modified design are as follows:

  • A K3 style 6 bladed and webbed impeller for increased efficiency and flow rate. Our research indicates that the K3 design was actually taken from Rolls Royce during the 1930s. We have had these K3 impellers CNC’d out of a solid. The pumps are precision machined with the blade tips running 5 tho off the case at the top, bottom and side.
  • L169 high strength corrosion resistant aluminium castings with fine casting detail incorporating original factory casting reference details and fonts.
  • Modern carbon loaded PTFE seal, lip seal and Oilite bushes.
  • Slotted as well as drilled gland adjustment spindle.
  • Extra length on the lid spout for improved hose anchorage. This is up to ½ inch longer than some reproductions we have studied. The length is 3 inches from the top stud centre to the hose casting end.
  • Increased diameter oil feed holes and depth of oil feed groove in the sleeve.
  • Corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel gear.

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We also stock the Nesthill hose clips.

_£495.00--P & N pump
Price _£525.00--L & K pump

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