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Bishop Cam Steering Play Control Adaptor - Late P, N, T & Morris 8

Bishop Cam Modification

Steering Play Control Adaptor
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This component has been designed and developed by Vintage MG Parts and a business associate who has spent the past 35 years in the technical departments of leading overseas car manufacturers. This product has proved very popular with both MMM (late P type and N type) as well as TA, TB and TC owners with excellent feedback. Race cars as well as standard cars are now using this modification.

The SPC Adaptor simply bolts straight on to the steering box top and incorporates a preloaded, self centring ball bearing which locates on the sector shaft dimple in the steering box. It reduces the level of shaft arm up thrust before it usually comes into contact with the cover plate.

For cars which suffer play in the steering and where it proves difficult to adjust, this part significantly reduces play in the steering wheel by as much as 50% with amazing results and also helps to maintain a straight line position without wandering. We have received so much positive feedback with this product that
we guarantee a reduction is excessive steering wheel play.

This SPC unit also fits Bishop Cam steering boxes fitted to other pre and post war cars to include the Morris 8 (not the Series E models).

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Price 70 each - smaller for Late P, Morris 8 and other MMM models using the Bishop
Price 52 each - Cam steering box
Price 78 each - larger for MG VA and other cars to include Morris & Wolseley models

Click here to view fitting instructions

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