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Lucas Style D43 Dashlamps - P/N & K (MG, Singer 1.5L & Morgan)

Lucas ST51 Style D43 Dashlamps - P/N & L/K

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This is our faithful reproduction from an original 1930's Lucas Dashlamp Type D43, also referred to as the Divers Helmet Dashlamp. It is generally accepted that it is almost impossible to find original complete Lucas D43 dashlamps as usually, the caps would go missing leaving the bases exposed and prone to damage. The whole unit would then need to be replaced with a modern alternative that was similar but not an exact reproduction for the MG.

The original Lucas D43 lamps include the following features:

  • a brass metal spun base with the collar depth of 9/16" and the diameter 1 1/8"
  • the base incorporates a separate 'top hat' collar and nut arrangement with a period thread
  • the base houses a separate bayonet fitting bulb holder
  • cotton braided cable
  • the cap was originally moulded Bakelite (we have used a modern equivalent with a Bakelite appearance)
  • the cap incorporated a male sleeve fitting to the base
  • the depth of the exposed part of the cap should be 1 3/8"
  • the light slot should be square ended and extending to a full 180 degrees

Our D43 lamps incorporate all of the above features and these correct lamps are only available through Vintage MG Parts.

(click on image to enlarge, click again to close)

Originally Lucas D43 dashlamps were fitted with either a brown base and brown cap finish for the L and N Types and all black, for some of the K Types. Since announcing this part we have received enquiries from other car marque enthusiasts who require chrome bases with black caps, such cars being Singer and Morgan. Therefore, the following dashlamp colour options are available:

A - black base with black cover (KN/K2/ND and Morgan)
B - brown base with brown cover (PA/PB/NA/NB/K1)
C - chrome base with brown cover (popular non-original brown hybrid with chrome base)
D - chrome base with black cover

E - (not shown) Similar to D but adapted for Singer 1.5 L

We no longer sell spare covers as we discovered that there were at least two different types of bases used by MG and the sleeve section on the top could vary.

We also supply black dashlamps for the L1, L2 , J3 & J4 Types (also optional for F2 & J2) and P Type dashboards.

-125_(pair lamps A - D (complete dashlamps with bulbs)
Price-130_(pair lamps E (complete dashlamps with bulbs)

Please state your colour choice when ordering.

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