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Factory Dashlamps - L1, L2 , J3 & J4 (F2 & J2 optional)

Black Dashlamps - L1, L2 , J3 & J4 (F2 & J2 optional)

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Many MMM enthusiasts asked us to reproduce a correct J/L Type factory dashlamp having manufactured a perfect copy of the long overdue Lucas D43 dashlamp, not available to customers since Lucas stock depleted many years ago. These perfect reproduction dashlamps are all made by us and are currently in stock.

The differences between the factory original and the VMGP lamp, compared to a typical MMM repro are:

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The Base Unit

  • The chrome bezel collar should be 7/16 deep and not 5/16th inch.

  • The thread should be a 3/4 dia 32 TPI thread and not a heavy course thread profile as shown above. The thread should be 1/2 inch only in length.

  • The bulb locking bayonet should be a full looping 'J' as opposed to an 'L' profile.

  • We use period style braided cable as opposed to plastic coated wiring.

VMGP bases are machined out of solid brass bar.

The Cap

  • The cap is 1 1/2 inches in length. We see various lengths of repro caps, the nearest being 1 7/16.

  • The cap should be self-coloured. We have seen black painted, brown base products (as shown above) which start to internally paint chip and show red/brown chinks of light on the exterior. We have also seen aluminum repro tops.

  • The light slot is an important detail. The end profile should be radiused, not square and not rough cut either, as shown above.

  • We have reproduced these caps with two original factory options, i.e. the standard 135 degree light slot for standard J2 dashboard instrumentation layout and the 180 degree lightslot (same light spread as for P/N and K types) for extra instrumentation layouts, J2 deluxe, J3/J4 and custom dashboard layouts. No other repro sources offer both these options.

  • Please note, our caps will fit all original lamp bases perfectly, but they will not fit most MMM repro lamp bases.

The original factory cap was a moulded Bakelite product. We have carefully researched an appropriate alternative product for CNC machining. It is heat resistant to 160 degrees and aesthetically produces an excellent 'Bakelite' finish.

We are supplying a green acetate lens with our tops. This can easily be removed from the internal lens recess but it may not be as heat resistant as we would normally like.

The only part we have not correctly reproduced is the nut, originally in steel, but we have had these custom made in brass. We can only source 1 inch dia stock hex bar as opposed to the original 15/16 dia. Extra machining costs would have been prohibitive. Although we could source the original size shim washer, we could not find the fine cross section spring washer and so we are supplying a zinc plated captive fan washer with our dashlamps and we think this is a more functional alternative.

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We also supply the Lucas D43 style dashlamps (P/N and K Types, Singer 1.5L and Morgan), dashboards for the F2,J2, L2 (standard and deluxe) and the dashboard for the J4.

This is not a cheap lamp to reproduce in all its fine original detail but we have a competitive price and are confident in an unrivalled product befitting to the very best of MMM cars.

-125 pair dashlamps (62.50 each)

Price of spare caps available on request

Please state your choice of light slot (135 deg or 180 deg) when ordering.

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