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Front Apron Clamp & Octagonal Hold Down Knob

J2 Front Apron Clamp, knob & badge
Front Apron Octagonal Hold Down Knob

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The octagonal front apron knobs are another example of a high quality CNC milled product made solely for Vintage MG Parts.

The clamps are made in-house and we have changed the design and machining processes. They incorporate blind holes (instead of straight through) to keep out the rain whereby we also use zinc plated bolts which we screw in from the top face instead of the underside.

The badges are a faithful copy of the original Stratton badge and are in hard enamel.

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We also sell the J Type front apron.

_60 Crosstube Clamp, Octagonal Polished Hold Down Knob (with stud thread) and Enamel MG Badge
Price _29 Polished Octagonal Hold Down Knob, Badge and Threaded Stud on its own

We are not selling the hold down clamps separately at the moment. Clamps are supplied in bright mild steel finish ready for etch primer and painting.

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