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Engine Turned Dashboards - F2, J2, L2

Engine Turned Dashboards - F2, J2, L2

Standard Layout

Engine Turned Dashboards - F2, J2, L2

Deluxe Layout

Engine Turned Dashboards - custom

Custom Layout
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These engine turned dashboards are from our own supplier and are meticulously hand jigged with 1 inch dia mop turnings. The bright polish work is then coated with a scratch resistant laquer for long lasting shine and durability.

This project proved to be an interesting one as modern reproduction dashboards incorporate circa 75 horizontal engine turns and circa 16 rows. The original J2 workshop manual however, highlights circa 98 horizontal turns and circa 20 rows. There were clearly two styles of dashboard although the 16 row variation seems to be more common. Our jig is calibrated to produce both types and for our own F type, we have decided to go with the more elusive 20 row pattern as shown on page 53 of The Instruction Manual for the J Series. Any feedback would be welcome.

Our dashboards are made to order with a waiting time of circa 2 weeks and we would strongly suggest that a marked up template is provided. If ordering a dashboard which requires additional gauges then we ask that these are marked on the template. We recommend that holes or as many as possible, are drilled at this stage before laquering. For customers intending to fit dashlamps, we suggest that the position of these are kept clear of the steering wheel, allowing enough room fo the driver's fingers!

Enthusiasts please note, no two body tubs are ever the same and we therefore strongly recommend that you do not simply purchase a standard 'off the shelf' dashboard as this may often lead to an expensive dissapointment. We make each dashboard a custom fit to your car and we will work exactly to your template and instructions.

We also stock the scuttle and horn mounted mirrors and the black dashlamps for the L1, L2 , J3 & J4 Types (also optional for F2 & J2)

Price 210 for standard. For custom layouts and those with the 20 row pattern, please enquire for price.

We can supply dashboards to a custom layout (as shown in 3rd photo above) or with extra number of engine turnings although there will be a surcharge for additional work incurred

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