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Original Lucas Style Mirror Bracket - D, J1, F1, F3, J4

Original Lucas Style Mirror Brackets - D/J1/F1/F3/J4/K3/Q

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These brackets are made exclusively by VMGP as a 4-part brass fabrication in order to produce a high quality chrome finish.

This style of bracket was fitted to the windscreen pillar on the D/J1/F1/F3/L1 and certain racing models.

The J4 bracket we also manufacture is taller to clear the windscreen B-nut with a height of 3 3/8 inch from the base to the centre of the boss. No J4/Rep is complete without this distinctive style of bracket. The smaller bracket has a height of 2 1/4 inch and the base centre distance for each size of bracket is 3 inch. The larger bracket has a radiused end profile to its base whilst the majority of the smaller brackets tended to be more squared off although we usually have a few of each in stock relating the the smaller bracket.

These brackets can be used with the
Lucas style 160 type mirror and the smaller K3/Q mirror. Other associated products include scuttle and horn button mounted mirrors.

Price 75.00
-Smaller D/J1/F1/F3/L1 bracket
Price 75.00 -Larger J4 bracket
Price _2.50 -each dome nut
Price _0.80 -pr of polished 2BA screws for mounting to windscreen stanchions

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