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Scuttle & Horn Button Mounted Mirrors

Scuttle and Dashboard Mounted Mirrors
Scuttle and Dashboard Mounted Mirrors

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Vintage MG Parts offer 2 types of rear view cockpit mirrors (as opposed to the side mirrors). These are the horn button mounted mirror whereby the stem comprises an original profile pressed brass support, (this style was fitted to F, J and L Types) and the pedestal scuttle mounted mirror which is the correct one fitted to P and early T Types. Click here to see a photo of the this mirror type.

Both types of mirror are supplied complete with the correct style convex glazing and following the original tradition, the low mounting position of the horn button mounted mirror continues to give a great view of the drivers left hand shoulder! Just another enjoyable quirk of the earlier MMM Midgets.

During 2008 and following 20 or so years of this part having been reproduced, Vintage MG Parts decided to address the 'mirror shake problem'. attempt to eradicate a well documented problem. So, we requested a simple increase in the thickness of the support stem to reduce vibration, and it worked.

Please note, these products must not be confused with similar items occasionally offered for sale through Ebay which are reported by our manufacturer as factory seconds. This also applies to octagonal side lamps and battery tops etc so buyer beware.

We also supply mirror arms for all models for both driver and passenger sides where applicable to include the Lucas Style Triangular Mirror Bracket.

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Price 90 each

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